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indigenous religion

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indigenous religion

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Indigenous Religion
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The Hawaiian religion has paled over the years, although its presence is still very alive on the islands in Hawaii. Consistent with the religious practices of the religion, it has been both Polynesian in practices and culture. The people of Hawaii, who practiced the religion, were clearly not monotheists, a feature that became common with the Hawaiian people’s interactions with monotheists Europeans (Aden, 2013). In the early years of the Hawaiian religion, the adherents held the ideals of several gods.
The notion was that every other god had different roles to play in a person’s life and each god had unequal power, and that is there were minor gods and major gods. Typical of traditional religions had shrines elected in honor of gods, with corresponding priests who offered prayers to the people on behalf of the gods (Johnson, 2007). The gods of the Hawaiian religion had a certain level of personification from certain elements of nature, and these made the people pick specific parts of the gods that the people preferred, and the roles they need from the gods when they came before them.
There were times when the people of Hawaii had gods who during various times of the year got put to aside for others, particularly, with lono and Ku. Most of the times different temples became dedicated to Ku; however, during the makahiki, the temples became dedicated to lono.
The dominance of Abrahamic religions led by …

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