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In what ways does the writing in “The Eden Express” capture the mental state of the schizophrenic mind/experiences?

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The Eden Express: Capturing the mental state of the schizophrenic minds/experiences
“The Eden Express” is a must read book written by Mark Vonnegut addressing his experiences in the late 1960s. The author has shown his expertise in accommodating different styles of writing and grammar and diction that is clear for his intended readers. The syntax, diction, and word choice clearly depict the books ability to communicate effectively on the author’s memoir and as he calls it, “Memoir of insanity.” The book also narrates the author’s experiences with a well-developed structure and real characters. This paper, therefore, focuses on these issues as portrayed in the book as well as the disorder of schizophrenia (Marvin, 54). Other areas of discussion here include the correlating themes Mark Vonnegut proposes, for example, writing as therapy, the creative/crazy mind, and insanity in an insane world among other interesting themes.
Precisely, the author’s grammar is well articulated in that he uses figures of speech and it is clear that his book is a narration of events that took place. In fact, the he chooses a word that he is sure would be understood by any of the readers that wishes to understand insanity from the inside. His plot also plays a very significant role is developing the books structure such that each chapter subsumes a remarkable amount of his midlife experience. He claims that “Knowing that you’r…

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