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Category: Coursework

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Level: College

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Learning in Children with Disabilities
What insights did you gain about disabilities?
Children with disabilities have normal intelligence as their average counterparts. However, when it comes to the field of academics, these children experience difficulties especially in listening, speaking, reading and mathematics among others. After going through the reading exercise on the Misunderstood Minds website, I have learned several things regarding these differently gifted children. First, children with disability have a hard time breaking even in the field of academics which ordinary people will find difficult to understand. The exercise is a challenge for an ordinarily gifted child or grown up, and it makes one appreciate the effort and stress the children go through while trying to read and retain. Second, the amount of time that these children take to learn despite being overly long is justifiable. This is because the learning process involves both physical, neurological and cognitive processes that are inhibited in these children. Last, most children with disabilities have a challenge in paying attention, content retention and the power to remember what they learned as such they require specific attention coupled with patience (Misunderstood Minds 1).
How can you make sure students with disabilities can be successful in your classroom?
Students with disabilities deserve the help so that they emerge victorious in their …

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