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Freedom of Speech
This video talks about the speech freedom in academic freedom and how it is threatened. Freedom of speech refers to the right of voicing your opinions concerning various dilemmas which may be surrounding you. Freedom of speech in campuses is essential as it gives the students an opportunity to express their views. Some campuses provide the students with freedom of speech but with certain restrictions. In case something happens in the college the students are expected to be keen on what they share or post in the social media. To understand the academic freedom, one has to first understand the underlying principles which are academic freedom and electronic communication. People often have things that they do not agree to but cannot raise up questions concerning them due to fear of punishments. Nature and purpose are the fundamental academic principles which guide the teachers as well as the students which creates an education context also facilitate learning.
Freedom of speech means that everyone has the right to believe what they want and have an opportunity of changing or maintaining these beliefs. Schools should allow everyone to express their thoughts without any restrictions on some topics. The students should be allowed to express their opinions in both private and public without any punishments. Parents also have the rights to discuss with their children on what they feel the school is not providing and reach a conse…

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