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In Gillmans “The Yellow Wallpaper” what causes the narrators progression from depression to madness?

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In the Gillman and quote; the yellow paper & quote, the author addresses issues that were affecting the society especially the women. In that time, men in that particular society had a stereotypic ideology that they used to legitimize the victimization of women. This issue among other issues is what made the author progress from depression to madness. This paper gives a clear picture and causes of the narrator’s progression to madness.
Victimization of women
According to the author, women in that society had no voice to speak in front of men. They were supposed to keep quiet and obey each order that they were given by their husbands. This led to the women being sentenced to serve their time in a prison in which they had no power or class to the men. The mistreatment and frustrations that women were facing contributed to Gillard’s progression from depression to madness.
The yellow paper’s attitude
The yellow paper depicted a negative attitude towards women that portrayed its arrogance regarding the ability of a woman. According to doctor Mitchell as Gillman described, he saw American women as being weak and could not manage other jobs such as working and being mothers at the same time. This portrayed the ill misconception and attitude that American men had in relation to their women. On the other hand, men had the privilege of doing anything and any job they wanted. They were perceived to be strong and mobile…

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