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In 1000 words address the question: “Did J.M. Turner’s painting style influence Claude Monet?”

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Influences of J.M. Turner’s Painting Styles on Claude Monet
Painting is an art that has gone a very long history. In the history of humanity, there is a long list of personalities who have played a significant role in the invention, innovation and improvement and development of the art of painting. Whenever a painter comes up with a new idea, it is adopted by subsequent artists who adopt and use it in their artworks. This paper analyzes how Joseph Mallord Turner’s paintings influenced Claude Monet. It does this by focusing on and using examples to illustrate, the painting styles and techniques used by each of these artists.
It is true that Turner had a great influence on Monet. Having lived between the years 1775 and 1851, Turner can be regarded as a predecessor to Monte who was born later in 1840 and juggled with his artwork up to 1926 when he passed on. So, reasonably, Turner must have influenced him. As one of the key figures in the founding of the landscape painting, Turner is credited with the use of painting skills to depict natural scenes. It is because of his love for nature that he often painted natural phenomena like trees, rivers and mountains. A similar approach was adopted by Monet who also had a great passion for nature. His love for nature compelled him to produce brilliant paintings of his immediate environment. This is what was seen in great artworks like the Fruit Trees, Ice Floes, Misty Morning, Farmyard in Normandy a…

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