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Impression Management- Being a fake

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Impression Management- Being a fake

Category: Cover Letter

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Impression Management
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Impression management can be described as the effort through which one is able to influence or control other people’s perceptions. Many people try being fake through impression management since it is through impression management that they get to give others the wrong impression of them thus making it difficult for the people to know the real them (Bromley, 1993). The most driving force that leads to impression management is fear. For example, in most cases people do not turn out to be what others expect them to be. As a result, that causes them to manage their impression since they are afraid of disappointing the others. In most cases people get judged and criticized for being the real them. Therefore, in order to escape the criticism, they opt to act fake in order to be what people want them to be. It is something that is very hurting but at times one has to do it in order to avoid being judged and also being discriminated against or even being hated by others. The self-senses become very fragile when people are criticized for who they are and that makes them make decisions of acting fake. In most cases, people do not choose to act fake but they are forced by situations and by other people as well. It is very difficult for a person to be completely perfect. At times people are expected to be perfect and that is why they end up acting fake since it is easier to pretend that one is perfect rather than being c…

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