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Importance of project management in data science

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Importance of project management in data science

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Management

Level: Masters

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The Importance of Project Management in Data Science

I am applying for your organization’s scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in Project Management and Data Science. I have experience in data analysis and visualization. I wish to advance my technical and analytical skills as a data scientist as well as enhance my knowledge of project and data management techniques in an international IT and project environment. I believe these skills will help me in next step of my professional development and makes me a more competitive candidate in the field of IT. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering, GPA 3.7. After graduation, I worked for ACTED and the UN. At ACTED, I analyzed government’s statistical data and socioeconomic vectors of conflicts which helped to enhance the capacity of local government actors and NGOs. At UN Women, I was a junior researcher, drawing conclusions from data. Project Management plays a very important role in data science, hence, will be very useful in my future career.
Project management involves the management of people and resources involved in a project so that the goal is delivered on time, within budget, while adhering to the project requirements (Feeney & Sult 2011). Data science refers to an interdisciplinary field where scientific methods are used to gain knowledge and insights from data that exists in either structured or…

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