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Category: Profile Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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President Theodore Roosevelt quoted an old African adage, with regards to United States imperialistic attitude towards the world. This proverb or idiom states that while carrying a big stick, one needs to speak softly. Thus action speaks louder than words, and verbalism need to be soft, subtle, brief but speaking volumes silently, meaningfully and dynamically through implementation. Over the decades and centuries that is what United States or the Western world has been doing to the rest of the world, and thus to the whole world.
The royal dynasties through prehistory to history, unrecorded/ recorded, mythical/mythological/legendary to reality have been numerous.
Under the Satanic order, the old world order of imperialism has merely changed face and location, but the bloodline and origin remains the same. Hence we see the rise and fall of Mesopotamia, consisting of Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian empires, with Egypt, Hebraic empires, Greece, Rome following in order. The medieval ages to modern was the centre of Europe, which now has its power centre in the West, in United States, but spreading in the entire New world like Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with a kind of suppressed equation manifestation in Latin America (Gallaher 391). The West’s antidote is the Islamic empire, but that too has its origin with Christianity and Judaism which spread in the West, with ancient Greek and Roman empires, he…

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