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impact on american literature during The Great Depression

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Impact on American Literature During the Great Depression
United States was hit hard by the blow of great Depression in around 1929. It was mainly caused by the huge dip in stock market on 29th October of the year 1929. The day heralded curse not only for the US economy but for world economy as well. The heavily industrialized nations got massively affected and the rate of unemployment in US fell by 25%. At this point the confrontation between capitalism and Marxism reached its peak. Survival then had the only solution of being exploited. It is to be noted in America Great Depression has been preceded by the period of ‘roaring twenties’ where money flowed in the air and a number of people grabbed that ‘new money’. However, it created a huge vacuum in the economic scenario of the country as the discrepancy between rich and poor was huge to be mended. After the wave of Modernist writer, there came a group of authors and poets who got deeply influenced by these devastating socio-economic situations in America as started reflecting the acute pessimism and howling of common people of US in their literary works (Akimoto et al. 1358). The portrayal of culture through art was either showing the real disastrous incidents of Depression or diverting the tension of people by the means of entertainment. The Jazz Age gave rise to rich capitalist socialites in terms of movie stars, sportsmen, politicians and businessmen. Ph…

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