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Impact of Societal Interaction in Maintenance of Mental Health of Geriatric Patients

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Impact of Societal Interaction in Maintenance of Mental Health of Geriatric Patients

Category: Essay Outline

Subcategory: Psychology

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A plethora of physical and mental health issues exist in the elderly population, all across the world. The geriatric population is susceptible to various physical and mental ailments which significantly increases the burden of illness and compromises their quality of life. They are susceptible to cardiovascular problems, neurological deficits, osteoporosis and fractures, and finally towards an array of psychiatric disorders. Such disorders include depression, panic disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders.
The geriatric population is a neglected and under-cared population in our society, and should be given due consideration. Especially issues like psychiatric disorders create a social stigma, which keeps the society away from interacting with them. This article will focus on the probable importance of societal interaction in alleviating psychiatric illness that may aid in improving the quality of their life.

Understanding the Individual
It is very common to diagnose psychiatric ailment in an individual, and various tailor-made approaches are implemented including pharmacological and non-pharmacological to alleviate such conditions. The psychiatrists and psychologists provide their best possible interventions to alleviate the episodes of mental illness in such individuals to improve their quality of life. Various types of antipsychotics like antidepressants, anti-anxiolytics are routinely prescribed by the physicians as a part of routine pharmacologic interv…

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