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Immigration is a part of human nature to get better living prospects in other countries. However, it has massive impacts on different aspects including cultural, economical, and most importantly, social strata of a nation. Surely, the influx of a huge amount of potential immigrants provides a more problematic outlook for the local as well as national government to maintain the quality of life within the region. It also brings about different menace including terrorism and economic imbalance within society. This essay will provide an insight into arguments related to the detrimental impacts of immigrant inflow within the United States under the light of current illegal immigration outlooks. The quite common notions of guest workers’ immigration along with illegal aliens will also be discussed as part of this essay.

A Free-Pass to American Soil

Immigrants usually undergo the tedious process of immigration due to bad economic, law, and order conditions within their very own country. For that, they require a place where they can live in peace and with much financial security. However, immigrating to a different country surely has some restrictions and it has to be imposed in order to maintain the economic as well as cultural sanctity of the country. Consider the example of the United States, in which a heavy influx of immigrants has masked the true identity and cultural outlook of American society. Although, the blend of different cultures and traditions surely sounds quite good; however, there are different outlooks that are presented as part of American society. Like, the influx of Indian giving to the United States as part of their technical competency has surely created a feeling of helplessness among the local American citizens that have been living and paying taxes since they have opened their eyes. Nevertheless, reforms are quite commonly needed under this consideration. It can be argued that these immigrants can become a burden on the American economy more than their very own contribution. Nevertheless, illegal immigrant profiling is another demanding aspect of today’s modernized world. Also, it calls for different aspects that should have to be addressed by the government of different countries and more specifically, of the United States.
College Fees and Lack of Access to Education
Most of the American citizens cannot afford higher education for themselves because of tremendous amount of fees and subsequent loans. For that, they either have to work at lower wages or at positions that are not that much promising on the large scale. On the other hand, the immigrants are provided with different options for continuing their educational perspective under different scholarships and development programme. It can surely be implied that this very discrimination in educational system is alienating the local population and hence providing them with less better options for living their lives in contrast to different immigrants.
Also, the initiatives comprising of different alternatives of educational reforms can help in reducing this sense of alienation among the United State’s citizens thereby providing every person equal opportunity to showcase their talents and get admissions in good colleges anywhere in the United States. Advocates of immigration quite commonly argue that the education should be the birth-right of everyone (Gamoran, 135-153). However, the reason for such massive inflow of immigrant students was not understood. The major reason is because of lack of research and development in third-world countries along with poor job perspectives in their respective countries (Baruch et al., 99-112).
Economic Perspectives and Employment
As part of being an industrialized country, immigration is a major factor that needs to be addressed by the concerned authorities. The major impact of these immigrants is based on the adverse effect of labor market thereby leading to reduced daily-wages based hiring. Among these factors is an increased competition for a certain position between a native-citizen and an immigrant. Surely, it creates a negative emotional barrier between these two extreme parts of society thereby preventing their integration as part of a society. The very direct impact includes the reduction in employment and most importantly, bidding-down of minimum wages that are set forth by any national government; more specifically, the United States government. Although, it can be argued that the immigrants can serve to improve the per capita income of nation; however, it cannot offset the detrimental impact of reduction of hiring rates of local citizens.
On the more indirect approach, it is influencing the very fabric of American society of providing equal employment opportunity for native and immigrants alike. The term of “American worker” has become quite common after the recent illegal immigration bill from the United States government. It is quite commonly evident that the United States economy is facing a crippling decline during the last decade having massive turnover and unemployment rates. However, influx of more immigrant would not only serve to enhance that gap but also provide a more deadly blow for the United States’ economy and financial status of different native Americans thereby leading to wide-spread chaos. For mitigating this, there can be a number of steps that should have to be taken for reducing and/or eradicating the impact of immigration.
In hiring of the immigrant workers, big business and firms benefits from cheaper immigrant that in turns lead towards the deterioration of working conditions together with poor daily wages. Also, the lax policies of immigration together with unenforced sanctions for employers give rise to such a massive issue in the first place. The reason is that it allows common business like food services and garments industries to hire and recruit undocumented workers. It can also be implied that the powerful businesses interests are lobbied together with immigrant rights movement thereby leading to increased quota for essential and high-tech worker visas (Cummings 8-27).
Another strong implication of it is related to the argument that the legal as well as illegal immigrants are costing severely to thousands of American with a job. Quite commonly, the immigrants just occupy the positions that is the technically for American citizens; more specifically, the unskilled workers that are left with exceptionally no option of work. Also, the unskilled workers who enter into the United States from third world countries does nothing but to cause financial problems and burden on the very social fabric of state (Kposowa 605-628).
A prominent aspect of it includes guest worker programs that include the formation of additional pressure on local Americans. It is quite common for both ends including the professional work as well as unskilled works. The programs can only prove it to be quite detrimental and would only benefit aliens requiring lowered wages to work. The core reason behind it is that it allows the exploitation as well as declination of various job opportunities that can give rise to even more severe problems on the level of illegal immigration and its perspectives (Basok 215-238).
Considering the menace of illegal immigrants, it has become quite common within the United States. It also leads to other severe issues including lack of monitoring, profiling and most importantly, providing ample grounds for reducing any unforeseen event to occur in future. Most of the undocumented immigrants quite commonly concentrate themselves in certain cities occupations and industries. These illegal immigrants are also a threat to both legal immigrants as well as local American citizens on economic grounds. Hence, the greater the concentration of those illegal and undocumented workers would take part in certain occupations because of the restriction based on certain constraints based on type of jobs thereby leading to lesser employment opportunity for locals.
Illegal Immigrants and Threat of National Security
Based on the outlook of national security, illegal immigrants can be considered the biggest threat for the national security at large. The most severe aspect of it is exemplified by the unfortunate event of 9/11 bombing via Middle Eastern immigrants together with asylum seekers. However, previous laws and litigations have proved that there were aliens present within the US soil that have instigated such massive plan of attacks. The reason was quite obviously related to the porosity of US borders and ease of immigration procedures. Moreover, these illegal immigrants also take part in other heinous crimes and criminal activities thereby making the United States quite vulnerable against similar terrorist attacks. A most vibrant example of it is the arrest of Ghazi Abu Maizar in 1997 from Brooklyn and has been arrested because of planning of New York City subway system’s bombing. Before that, he has also tried to sneak within the United States three times; however, he was released afterwards because of asylum application. This clearly depicts the severity and lack of technical and legal mechanisms within the United States for prevention of any such events (Barry 1). Surely, the ease with which the radicalized preacher Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman has entered and left the United States despite having his name in the United States’ Department of Defense (DOD) watchlist was a major loophole.
Surely, the United States has its very own foreign policies that include supporting certain countries along with having economic embargo and/or military association with different countries. Nevertheless, legal immigrants do not pose substantial threat as compared to the illegal immigrants or aliens. Also, these illegal immigrants can also be responsible for weaponization of city, state and on large scale, nation. The Southern border of Mexico has been a vibrant example of this menace. Moreover, they can also take part in other criminal activities by having an alliance with domestic as well as international opposition groups that are part of drug trafficking chain.
Human trafficking is another pressing issue that is being faced by the United States. Smuggling from China from the United States can be considered as high as several thousand persons per year (Zimmerman 101). The core problem is that the smuggling is not only illegal but those who are smuggled quite commonly become forced to severely abusive working as well as living conditions within the United States. Moreover, a certain amount of fees is also paid to different smugglers that are as high as around $35000 for a single person (Chin 175-200). The common cases of drowning of Chinese immigrant boats after the grounding Golden Venture smuggling boat together with enslavement of illegal aliens at the hand of Georgia Peach Harvester Lane Packing Company (Russell 83). From this, it can be reflected that the smuggling of immigrants is one of the illegal and flourishing business within the United States (Franzblau 3-10).
All in all, excessive flow of immigrants within the United States has brought about numerous problems with the country and has led towards severe implications during the last two decades. From an eagle’s eye view, immigration has attained the level of an untamed beast within the States and hence, causes a number of primary and secondary implications on the lives of people at large. Whether it is less economic outlooks for American citizens or it is the ever-growing menace of illegal immigrants, America along with rest of the developed countries should have to develop new control measures for protecting their country both physically and culturally. Apart from these basic issues, the issues of employment as well as guest workers is also explored in the essay to provide a more diversified outlook of the problem.
In order to cater this issue, the United States Government together with governments of other developed countries should have to join forces and develop an international action plan. Surely, there have been quite a number of loopholes within the security and defense and the very same burden of terrorism also falls on the US government for not forseeing this heinous event. However, strict immigration reforms are the only possible solution for reducing such massive influx of immigrants with the United States.

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