Illusion or unreality

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Illusion or unreality

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The Glass Menagerie
The illusion only refers to the act of perceiving wrongly or interpreting wrongly what needs not be as it has been interpreted. Amanda, Tom, and Laura have been considered the particular show of unreality in this story. They have all faced situations that would most likely be misinterpreted or imagined to be in another manner yet the fact is the absolute opposite of what is taking place as such. The society has assumed some things that are thought to be the reality yet they are simply not true. Even the same characters have simply had frequent dreams about their lives. They keep on thinking that things would turn out better but then, in the long run, it does not end as they would wish it to be (Williams et al, Pp. 34-56).
Amanda is simply having an illusion regarding the daughter attracting some gentleman callers in the neighborhood. This is simply an illusion that the mother is having because even the daughter had never had any caller from their apartments. This seems to be so unrealistic that Amanda imagines that if the daughter dresses so well to look pretty she will be able to attract when she has never attracted any callers ever since even from their apartments. The illusion here is that if she is incapable of drawing the neighborhood then how is it expected that she will be able to do the same in a short period by only trying to please other people. For a fact, even Laura from her side is not interested, and that is the more reason as to why she even spends most of her time playing with animals (Williams et al, Pp. 12-17).
The illusion of Laura comes in when she expects to be employed yet most of her time she just spends it playing around. She is not working hard to try to make sure that she gets to secure a job as she wants to do. There is no way that a lazy person can ever get to achieve an employment. That would simply be an illusion of the highest order as such. Even from the start, there is no employer that would want a slothful employee as Laura is. Instead of dreaming and having unrealistic goals she should have stood up to make sure that she pushes for what she would like to achieve. Laura simply has a mere illusion; trying to think that she will just stay around the home and play with animals and get employment from the moon. She needed to stand up and show hard work if indeed that was unreality; on the account that she is just at home playing with animals then the same is just a mere illusion. Anyone who expects to be employed is always seen to be trying several options including trying to exhaust interview s that he may be able to access; this is the same thing that Laura has failed to show in the story (Scheuer & Dorothy, Pp. 12-16). She would like to have a good life and a very good job but then she is also very lazy to work all the way to that road as well.
Tom is also another character that is faced by so much of illusion and unreality in the story. He had been working at a shoe warehouse but then he got frustrated by the work and there he opted to be a poet in turn. As he tries to write, he gets sleep deprived, and he gets frustrated again. There is a show of illusion on his side where he expects to be able to fend for his family yet he does not have an enduring heart that can take him through the tussles in life. Whenever there is a slight difference, he gets frustrated rather than have the drive to keep on moving forward.
Jim O’ Connor, on the other hand, is the actual show of what could be referred to as reality. He is a man who would want to have good life and all along he displays the aspect of hard work as one of his characters. He had been in the drama club and did so well while an actor. He is now making sure that he has a permanent job and at the same time possess the art of public speaking which will probably work for him (Scheuer & Dorothy, Pp. 21-24). A reality matches his character with what he is trying to pursue in life. His ambitions and his actions match indeed; he would like to be successful in his life and indeed he is making sure that he does all that is possible to reach the expected level as well. It is always expected that a hardworking person will always get to turn out to be more successful as compared to one who is not; this is a trait that Jim possesses in this story. He is involved in several jobs and gets to try to explore his talents all just to make sure that he tries to make his road to success better compared to others’. This is now what would be termed as a reality; the mixture of hard work and the dream of being successful.
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