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IBM Staying Ahead in the Cyber Security Game draft 2

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IBM Staying Ahead in the Cyber Security Game draft 2

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Accounting

Level: College

Pages: 12

Words: 3300

Staying ahead in Cyber Security Game
Institution of Affiliation
Chapter 8
Being your worst enemy
In this chapter, we shall spend time in analysing on how to protect yourself from cyber crimes that have become a major threat in any organisation or even an individual. One security consultant made a remark about cyber crimes and said that crime do adapt and do follow; in as much there is new technology, crimes do change at that same rate. The consultant also said that these malicious people are always a step ahead, they have more imagination than them protecting that same information they want to get hold of. The key thing is that we constantly face things that we have never imagined before.
In recent times and with an increased number of attackers who mostly are in for monetary or due to political psyche the attackers determination has risen remarkably. On the other side of the coin, there is increased penalties, risen enforcement of law and also serious convictions have scared away numerous armatures leaving only the focussed and professional hackers in the industry. The term Advanced Persistent Threat comes about due to their constant determination. Malicious guys are willing to spend their quality time to breach your defence walls and then use this access for as much time as possible.
Constantly technology users are in a state of frequent attacks. Often there’s news of data breach involving a well-established company and due to this fresh rules ar…

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