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I would develop a program to raise healthy infantsin impoverished Canadian communities…

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Developing a Program to Raise Healthy Infants in Impoverished Canadian Communities
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Infant poverty is a significant issue in Canadian society. Poverty experienced by children at early stages affect them in later life. Therefore, the issue is a concern to the public and other health agencies. Initiating programs to raise healthy infants give children a good start at the early stages of development. Because children depend on their parents for survival, their fate cannot be discussed in isolation from their parents. In other words, the parents are considered in placing child health program because their level of income is essential for child development. Notably, children hailing from families with greater income enjoy good health and living conditions as opposed to those from poor backgrounds. Besides, the impact of infant poverty on health, initiation of community-based programs and parental income are some of the best recommendations for initiating child health program among the poverty-stricken Canadian families.
Keywords: Infant poverty, Child health, Child development, Family income, health program
Developing a Program to Raise Healthy Infants in Impoverished Canadian Communities
The rate of infant poverty has proved to be a menace in many developed countries, influencing their health and well-being in some ways. Despite the level of industrialization, Canada community-based with rampant infant poverty among…

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