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I have chosen to go to college at this junction in my life because of pursuing my and gain more knowledge, make connections, making more money

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In my childhood before i was 15 years old, I used to be a happy kid who would always enjoy the company of friends, and I had little worries. Then two years after completing my high school, I met a former classmate who had been through college. My parents always explained to me the importance of having a college education. They always told me that unless someone pursue college education he will not succeed in life. Their motivations and through the friend I confirmed that indeed it is through further education that a person can become successful.
I decided to get back to college to be able to see the open life opportunities that I was to work on with hard work and determination so that I too could get to the successful side of life as my friend. It is through the college that a person can pursue his career of choice, so I did enroll for law classes as it was my dream career.
For a person to become someone in this century, he must have graduated from a certain institution of higher learning so I enrolled to at least become someone who some people can associate themselves with, and I also wanted to be a good role model to my peers and to provide life to my kids.
In conclusion, there are many reasons that made me get back to college, achieving my dreams, giving a better life for my family and myself and to show the world that dreams are valid and that the best thing to do after having a dream is to come out and work towa…

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