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Hypothesis Claim about Atlantis

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Hypothesis Claim about Atlantis

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: College

Pages: 5

Words: 1375

Hypothesis Claim about Atlantis
Hypothesis Claim
Over 2,500 years ago, a fable first arose to spread information concerning a past society that relished great military power, plenty of natural resources, splendid building, engineering feasts and splendid building, and intellectual accomplishments far advanced compared to those of the other lands. Slaves performed physical labor, letting an enormous elite to hunt knowledge, relish sporting proceedings, and continually enhance an already flourishing society. The people of this region became greedy and corrupt putting egocentric pursuits above the superior good. The land was called Atlantis. The Atlantis city later experienced a catastrophe and sunk
Identified words
Sphinx-Is a legendary creature having a human head and the figure like a lion. It’s mythicized as cruel and traitorous.
Megaliths-It is a huge stone that creates a primeval monument.
Examining evidence
Ever since Atlantis was initially described, assertions have been stated that certain fellows of the civilization survived destruction during its cataclysmic final days and succeeded to impart their understanding to other persons of the world, aiding civilize primitive cultures, transferring the clandestine of written linguistic, and supervising building of some of the planet’s most mysterious buildings of the early world. America’s and Egypt’s pyramids, Egypt’s Sphinx, and Western Europe’s megaliths are amongst the structures cr…

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