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Humor and Persuasion

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Humor and Persuasion
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Humor plays a very integral part in the persuasion of an individual, especially in an advert. For instance, it is used to attract a consumer of a given product who has a negative attitude towards a model or a brand of that particular product. After the attraction of a consumer, it becomes easy to convince the consumer of the reasons why the brand that is being advertised is different from that which s/he has a negative experience about. The fact that humor attracts buyers, it results in the high sale being experienced on the good that is being advertised. Secondly, humor is used to change the attitude of the buyers (Cline & Kellaris, 1999). For instance, the attitudes of an individual are easily changed since the use of humor helps to gain the attention of the listener or viewers however much they were not willing to focus on the advert. Similarly, when humor is used, the listen or the consumer does not have much time to relate the effectiveness of the product to that which is used to persuade him/her through the humor (Cline & Kellaris, 1999). The use of humor in persuasion calms down a counter-argument that may exist between the consumer and the seller and hence making it easy for the two to reach an agreement where the sale of the product is realized. And also the perception concerning the product can be solved using humor. For example, when a product has a close substitute or a competitor product, it becomes e…

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