Human Services

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Human Services
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The social work profession and human services

Student’s name Instructor’s name Course title Date The social work profession and human services The social work profession is a helping profession which involves working closely with clients with a view of helping them attain an optimal functioning in their respective environments. Clients in this case may refer to individuals, groups, families, communities or organizations. A social worker has a responsibility to help the client maximize his/her opportunity and potential for change. This profession is based on a unique problem-solving approach evidenced in research, policy planning, policy administration, and direct clinical practice. The nature of the social work profession means that...

Think jot share

Think Jot Share Name of Student Name of Institution Abstract Leadership is the ability to bring change, motivate, and influence others towards success and effectiveness of a group or an organization. Thus, the primary goal of a leader is to work with his or her followers to achieve the goals of a team. An effective connection between a good leader and the followers is determined by the qualities displayed by both parties. A good follower should be influential to his or her leader by performing duties assigned and encouraging responsibility among other followers. Leaders should work towards creating a good rapport with his followers by learning and understanding the followers. The major...

Social work

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Admission Essay It is important for a person to have knowledge on how to interact with people that come from other cultures. Schools are places that bring people from different cultures. It is therefore important that one understands various cultures for them to be able to interact with people positively. As an individual, I have been brought up to be tolerant to various differences that exist amongst us. The key differences include racial, class, and people from other countries. I come from a different culture that would help in adding up to the diversity that exists in the university. As an African American, I have been brought up to respect the various racial...

Social Work and Human Services Revised

Social Work and Human Services Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Abstract This paper presents a personal exploration of the experiences of a typical K-12 student. The experiences are divided into three categories; peers, teachers, and other people and activities. Each category is explored separately to describe the factors that enhanced or hindered the attitude and the success of students with respect to school-based purely on a personal experience. The paper asserts that the influences of classmates in the K-12 system are either positive or negative. As such, the values of friends play a critical role in a student’s academic accomplishment and results. Teachers assume various...

Qualitative Research Questions

Qualitative Research Name Institution Types of Questions That Lead to a Qualitative Research For a qualitative research process to be successful, a reflective and inquiring process to develop questions is essential. The researcher should keep in mind that the research questions should imprint a reflective process and fully involve the participants in the process of inviting them to assist in formulating the research questions. Questions should seek to answer: who is doing it, why it is done, where it is done, strategies and consequences for doing or not doing it leads to a successful qualitative research (Agee, 2009). Framing a Quantitative Research Question The research questions I would...

Relationship Between Qualitative Analysis and Evidence-Based Practice

Topic Student’s name Professor’s name Course title Institution Date There has been an increasing emphasis on evidence in the social work profession, especially in the field of nursing. Evidence-based practice largely involves the incorporation of research-based evidence and clinical expertise into the practice of nursing with a view to improving patient outcomes. Qualitative analysis plays a key role in enhancing evidence-based practice. With the rapidly evolving nature of the social work profession, there is an increased need for decisions supported by evidence. Much of the evidentiary knowledge essential for social workers is enhanced through qualitative research and analysis. In...

Research Design and Sampling

Research Design and Sampling Student’s Name Institution Research Design and Sampling The type of study and its justification This study is qualitative research. Ideally, the title of the study highlights it to be longitudinal qualitative research that examines the facilitators and barriers integrating the early childhood screening used in pediatrics. According to Williams (2007), any qualitative study refers to a universal technique that incorporates finding. Social phenomenon is one identifier used in the qualitative study that is examined based on the participant perspective. Several types of research design utilize the qualitative research method with intense effect on the explored...

Sampling Structures

Sampling Structures Name Institution Sampling Structure Non-probability and probability are the two ways of selecting a sample from the population of interest. In probability sampling, every unit is chosen randomly where it has a predetermined chance of being selected. Random numbers are assigned to the population in a way that they appear in the same frequency and are independent of each other. The numbers are then selected randomly, and the corresponding population unit is included in the sample (Probability and Non Probability Sampling, 2017). Non-probability sampling uses non-random ways of selecting samples. These techniques include convenience, quota, and judgmental sampling. For...

My Professional Career Revised

My career has resulted in many encounters with individuals whose traditions, beliefs, and interests vary radically from mine. These experiences have contributed significantly to my professional and social growth. Through them, my self-awareness, worldviews, understanding, and openness to others have grown immensely. One of the most significant cross-cultural experiences I have had is the opportunity to tutor and mentor young refugee/immigrant children between the ages of seven and ten. Most of these children in this program originated from Somalia. The other portion was made of a few Afghani children and one Vietnamese. Among the first observations I made when I was introduced to this group was...