Human Resources

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Human Resources
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Case study Bankruptcy Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy law is not the appropriate for Mr. Devon. If Mr. Devon files a petition based on chapter 7 of bankruptcy he will fail, the bankruptcy mean test (Foote, Gerardi. & Willen 2008). He will fail the bankruptcy petition on the two bases of his type of his debts. He has two categories of debts that are not dischargeable in a chapter 7 case. Mr. Devon’s petition will fail means test on the basis that he has debts not dischargeable by the chapter 7 of bankruptcy. Domestic support debts and other divorce-related obligations; including property settlement debts (Porter, 2008). Debtors for most educational benefits and student loans not dischargeable unless...

Special Skill And Convincing Employer To Hire You Based On That Skill

Student’s name Professor’s name Course title Date Special Skill Working as a volunteer in a previous organization has helped me discover that I possess an exemplary skill in negotiation. Being part of a leadership skill, negotiation skills are essential for anyone in management. This strength comes handy on the numerous occasions that need conflict resolution. Organizations need an individual who can lead them through collective bargaining and other forms of negotiation. Having this skill, I will be relevant to this course due to the numerous excellent negotiation skills I have displayed in the past. Whatever the conflict may be, I have often employed two tactical approaches that have...

Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose I could start this essay by saying how all my past experiences have prepared me for what is to come, but that would not be entirely accurate. Although I have worked in the Human Resources field for quite a long time, the field never ceases to amaze me. Thus, saying that I have learned everything I need to succeed in my field would be a blatant exaggeration. That innate curiosity for learning and my desire for improving to become a better asset in any endeavor I choose to pursue is what brings me here today; compelling me to seek higher education. After graduating from the University of Florida in Business Administration, I have continued my career in Training and Development,...

Human Resource Management revised

Name Teacher’s name Course Date Title of your Article (always use title capitalization)-don’t bold. Drug gangs present in today's world contribute to the degradation of communities and the society at large. They are responsible for the increase in violent behavior in individuals both young and old in the community. These drug gangs are dedicated to the sale and distribution of the illegal drugs subject to the laws of drug prohibition. In as much as drug gangs are detrimental to the society due to its vast negative impacts, these drug gangs most often than not are run similar to most companies that carry out legitimate businesses. This paper's purpose is to draw similarities between a...