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Human Resources Management (HRM)

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Human Resources Management (HRM)

Through strategic HRM, McDonald’s has been able to formulate various HR strategies that are essential to the overall running of their business. The use of strategic HRM assists the company to manage its human resources in accordance to their future intentions (Ahmad, 2003). The process allows them to make different decisions that are geared towards making patterns that are used by the organization over time. Areas that need to be developed are easily noticed and acted upon by the organization with ease. Changes can also be affected easily by the organization when HR strategies are put in place. The company’s strategies are provided to ensure a competitive advantage over other food chains around the globe.
Discussion and analysis of Macdonald’s HRM practices and strategies
According to Chen (2009) the different nature of businesses often provides them the advantage of choosing from a varied list of HRM practices and strategies. Companies make use of strategies that can ensure increased profits and strength in the market when compared to their rivals. It is vital to that there are no single set rules or characteristics that can be used to tie HR strategies because of their different nature. Most strategies and practices can be termed as general intent while others deal with the future plans of the organization in question and are always detailed (Collins, 2003). Macdonald’s makes use of overarching strategies, specific strategies…

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