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Drug gangs present in today’s world contribute to the degradation of communities and the society at large. They are responsible for the increase in violent behavior in individuals both young and old in the community. These drug gangs are dedicated to the sale and distribution of the illegal drugs subject to the laws of drug prohibition. In as much as drug gangs are detrimental to the society due to its vast negative impacts, these drug gangs most often than not are run similar to most companies that carry out legitimate businesses. This paper’s purpose is to draw similarities between a doctor’s clinic where I work and the drug gangs described by Venkatesh in his book “Gang Leader for a Day” focusing on the social and economic processes in the daily running of said clinic. This paper will compare my views as a sociological participant observer of the work of a receptionist in a medical clinic focusing on the social and economic environment to those of the Black Kings drug gang in Venkatesh’s book.
The medical clinic that I work in is a relatively small practice when compared to other large practices. The chain of command is rather short due to the small number of staff available to the practice. The physician is the head of the organization, and he also doubles as the chief administrator of the practice (Physicians Practice). His primary roles include oversee…

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