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Human microchip

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Human microchip

Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 550

Human Microchip
Student’s Name
Research Project Outline
Title: Human Microchip for Clinical Use
Introduction: Provide an overview and history of the use of RFID. The historical background will look at biometrics as the predecessor technology and its application in the workplace. Then it will be followed by the application of the technology in other industry and countries with Sweden provided as an example and how it is finding its way into the health sector.
The significance of the paper: Describing the working of the microchip as a tool in healthcare service and site the relevant article that provides this information. Include the applications that the technology may have in the health system and the reason why it should be adopted.
Benefits of RFID
Roles it plays in the hospital: Identify the unique roles of the RFID in the healthcare that boost the practice.
Outline the role RFID it plays as a database of patient record and provides the relevant source through citing.
Describe how some RFID systems are used by doctors to diagnose and find the appropriate medication for a condition and cite all sources with this information.
Describe how the technology is utilized to prevent baby switching in nurseries and provide the appropriate source.
Describe how people with Alzheimer can benefit from RFID through tracking and the medical records and cite all the sources.
Describe how the technology has been effective in helping in management roles play…

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