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Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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ISIS in Afghanistan
Islamic State in Iran, Afghanistan and Syria (ISIS) is society associated with Syrian civil war that entails training of young children terrorist tactics. ISIS a branch of Osama Bin Laden’s global al-Qaeda network but their focus is on the establishment of an Islamic state rather than aggressive Western target around the world (Adil 117). ISIS in Afghanistan is a documentary series that displays the how Islamic Relationships between the ISIS and al-Qaeda leadership’s are believed to be anxious and it is the militaristic intent of ISIS that has proved most attractive to some foreign groups who have journeyed to Syria and Iraq to train and fight for the jihad movement. ISIS was established in Iraq after Saddam Hussein regime was overthrown by the US government as well as the period the Iraq faced the crisis.
The primary aim of the group was the establishment of one religious country that is Islamic state and control over the oil fields, regions, towns and cities in Iraq and Syria despite the opposition from the US government (Daniel 196). This group was more upgraded in Afghanistan that they to maintain their culture of terrorism and become the rebellious to any opposition they introduced to the children as little as three where they are taught how to fight. Afghanistan children have been formed a school for conducting their training that is jihad school.
ISIS has waged a violent campaign led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is the caliph.
There are several comments on the impacts of the group to the Afghanistan region, and the present government will be in the future whether there will be a stable region and security crisis. On Al- Qarawee report it defines the ISIS as a group that tries to create their national state of their own and developing more equipped background in terrorism by basing their training on their children at a tender age (Scott 3). Basing on the history of the Afghanistan on their territorial society the possible outcome of the ISIS will be the dispute of the population that they will create their clear priorities and concern in their indigenous society and they will not be in a position to be ruled by the state laws. Secondly, there will be the difference in communal identities that result to rivalry among the societies resulting in a sectarian conflict that other community should adopt the ideology of jihad.
ISIS developed laws in their region that govern them and they were not allowed to be disclosed to a traitor. The regime of Afghanistan with the help of Iraq have requested for the support to strike the ISIS success in building their territories as it reflects a high insecurity and warfare in the country (Harith Hasan al-Qarawee 6).
From the scientific research it reveals that considering the organizing resources, the ISIS campaign has been astonishingly effectively in a comparatively short time. ISIS adopted some of the characteristics and tactics of the West European newfangled social movements and held new communications technology and social media. Its philosophy and ethics remain ingrained in a particular interpretation of traditional ethos and practices, which make it appear inconsistent, even conflicting to conventional sociology. Researchers of social movements do not have to reinvent the maneuver to study such religious movements, but they are entitled to test their systems and perceptions against indication from outside the familiar frame of Western party legislation.

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