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HSA405 Health Care Policy and Law

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HSA405 Health Care Policy and Law

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HSA405 Health Care Policy and Law
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HSA405 Health Care Policy and Law
Healthcare is a sensitive concern in public affairs. It often dominates many political campaigns and strategy meetings. With that said, health-care policy and law are influenced by some factors. These factors include political and economic factors. Over the years, policy and regulations in the health sector have been affected by three perspectives. The perspectives are the social contract, free market, and professional autonomy. The three models are all active. However, some are more dominant in particular areas depending on the legal and political environments.
If I were starting an ambulatory care center in my town, adopting the perspective based on the professional autonomy perspective would be my most preferred option. In this model, the control and regulation of the medical activities will be handled by the medical professionals. This gives them control over things such as the costs of health services offered, the choice of the medication, and what is morally right or wrong (Havighurst, 1990). In case of any wrongdoing, the medical professionals have the responsibility of holding each other accountable. Professional autonomy perspective also gives the right of conscience to the medical professionals.
Giving control to the medical professionals has advantages as well as disadvantages. The natural advantage of this model is that the responsibility is given…

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