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How To Write Good College Essay

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How To Write Good College Essay

Category: Statistics Project

Subcategory: Education

Level: College

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How to Write a Good College Essay
The essay is meant to persuade admission officers about one’s suitability to join their colleges. The essay is used to evaluate writing and communication skills. It shows the admission officer a side of the student that is not revealed by academic statistics by providing useful information, including attitudes, history, creativity and interests, as well as a student’s goals and values.
Admission officers aim at creating a community. They, therefore, require to desire to establish how a student best fits into that community, the student’s contribution to the community and unique points of the student.
The essay is evaluated based on various factors:
1. Writing style such as sentence and paragraph structure
2. Adherence to the essay topic.
3. Thesis formation.
4. Theme discussion. 5. Logic.
6. Creativity and nuance.
7. Distinctiveness and finesse.
It is vital to choose a topic that is most appealing to the student. What matters most is not the topic, but delivery. More importantly, the college is not interested in whether the answer is right or wrong. The primary interest is in ascertaining who the student is and how his or her mind functions.
There are no bad essay topics. Students should, however, be vigilant when dealing with topics such as friendship predicaments, death of pet, philosophical or religious epipha…

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