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How To Write An Essay About Yourself For College Application

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How To Write An Essay About Yourself For College Application

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How To Write An Essay About Yourself For College Application
It was not easy thinking about the beast way of dealing with the matter. This compelled us to seek guidance from visiting blogger Jonathan Reider, San Francico University High School’s director of college counseling, who initially served as the Stanford University’s senior associate director of admissions (and humanities instructor). The reason for preferring him is because he experience of both high school and college, and below are his top ten instructions:
Conciseness: Every admissions officer usually find him or herself with a backlog of reading to do on a daily basis as he or she does not expect to spend too much time on a single one, despite the requirement that the Common Application main essay have at least 250 words, but the maximum can be as much as possible. However, writing more than 700 words would not be good for both the writer and the reader since the latter may not be that patient to read it all.
Honesty: It is not advisable to exaggerate titles, offices and achievements. It is god just state facts as they are to avoid causing problems to the writer since not all people can be in the same level.
Individualism: One question that the writer must ask him or herself is how he or she can best differentiate him or herself from the several other applicants both known to him or her and those not known. If one is coming directly from high school to college, then it is beyond reasonable doubt that he or she is a teenager, with teenage behaviors, but it is his or her mind and the way they operate that are distinctive.
Coherence: The essay must have a logical flow by writing just a single topic at a time. Trying to cover everything in a single essay might make it disconnected and shallow. The whole essay should have a chronological flow of events as this makes it complete as expected by the college.
Accuracy: This should not be all about just spelling, but also some other aspects of professional writing such as the traditional punctuation in the use of commas, colons, semi-colons among others. For instance, when writing about Dickens, do not says he authored Wuthering Heights, or when writing about Nietzsche, the spelling of his name should be correct.
Vividness: A good essay draws comparison to a narrative and in most cases always a tale of a significant occurrence. More information should be available in the essay so that the reader can be able to see the plot clearly. The essay should refer to people by their names to make it more human and humane. In addition, it shows the reader that the writer acknowledges his or her appreciation of the work, which is the joy of every author.
Likeability: The essay should appear in a manner such that the reader can find its author to be likeable without him or her saying it verbally, since colleges usually regard themselves as communities, where individuals have to socialize with one another in classes, dorms and other places.
Cautiousness in your sense of humor: Not all humor goes down well with everybody, some may find a statement funny but other may not, therefore, just be funny if it is necessary.
Controversy: When writing about a topic like in politics, religion or even something serious, it is always important to have a stand. To achieve this, the writer must support or give reasons for his or her point and also take other perspectives into consideration if appropriate. This is what colleges look for as they are places where discussions of ideas take place.
Smartness: Colleges are places of academics, and this is something they do not mention when discussing their climbing walls, dorms and the number of sports one can take part in. It is very important for the writer to show his or her intellectual strength in the way he or she presents ideas critically. What turns the writer’s mind on is not actually the same thing like stating an intended major but the most important thing is why that particular subject interests him or her.

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