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How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster

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How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster
Communication disorder tends to occur whenever a student and a professor are analysing the same story. The main problem that develops is the inability by students to use the analytical apparatus efficiently. If you ever spent time in a literature classroom, you may tend to assume that professors are making up their inventions and interpretation out of thin air. But that’s not the case since they have more experience in reading than students who are just getting the introduction part.
In literature there is the grammar factor which is vital. Hence, you should be able to analyse the structure of paragraphs and the grammar in an essay. Therefore, when reading you should be able to know the conventions, recognize them and anticipate their results.
Stories and novels tend to have a lot of conventions they include characters, rhythms, plots, chapters, points of view and limitations. In poems and plays, there are structure, rhythm and rhyme. And there are the cross genre lines. Therefore, when a reader comes to a specific text, they should focus on identifying who are these people, what are their purpose and if they are excellent or terrible. But for a professor receives an attention of the story, he focuses a lot on other elements of the story.
The three components that they consider are memory, symbol and pattern. In memory, for instance, the first thirty minutes into Clinton Ea…

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