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how school policies and procedures may be developed and communicated

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how school policies and procedures may be developed and communicated

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How School Policies and Procedures may be Developed and Communicated
In every school, there must exist policies. Policies exist to guide the smooth running of the internal processes of an institution. National laws exist, but they cannot help in the running of the internal operation of schools and organizations. However, many policies stem out of government directives and laws. Examples of school policies include child protection, fire safety, and confidentiality among others. Since governments tend to come up with several guidelines, development of strategies needs to occur on an ongoing basis.
If an issue needs consideration and it happens that such issue s not covered in the existing school policies, the meeting gets convened, where interested parties attend. Policies guide the relationship of teachers to students, and that among pupils and that of teachers, and also the school staff. During meetings, participants give contributions to the proposed policy (Hall, 2017). All the ideas presented during the conference go into the initial first draft of the plan.
After adoption of the suggestions of all the interested parties into the suggested policy, the head teacher proceeds to report and present the proposed plan to the board of management. The board of governors may reject the proposals wholly or make amendments to the draft policy. If the board rejects the propositions made, the school would have to recon…

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