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How much power is too much power? Conduct research (using scholarly sources) to engage the following prompts about Unitary Executive Theory (UET).

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How much power is too much power? Conduct research (using scholarly sources) to engage the following prompts about Unitary Executive Theory (UET).

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Unitary Executive Theory
The Unitary Executive Theory has propelled tremendous discussion during the last decades after the Bush’s administration. The theory has possessed a number of potential benefits and drawbacks related to the executive power of President of the United States (POTUS).
The potential advantages of it include the making of critical swift decisions vital for national security. It has become more prominent after the sinister attack of 9/11. Richard Pierce (594) has provided the explanation given by Celebresi and Yoo (26) pronouncing that unitary executive theory does not implies that the President enjoys more power than the Judiciary and/or Congress.
Nevertheless, its authoritarian outlook cannot be neglected under any circumstances. Also, it has provided with some constraints that includes the Veto power granted to the President of the United States. In cases of National emergencies, there is no control over the presidential powers under those circumstances. I agree to the proposition provided regarding removal of senior executive from office as long as these decisions do not violate the constitution of the United States (Yoo et al. 601).
In my view, I cannot support all the propositions presented by the theory. It can be reflected through different events of history. One of the most powerful messages that were conveyed in the last five years is the usage of President Obama’s power to support Tehran administration without the consent of its allies and most importantly, the Congress. Apart from that, indulging on wars in different fronts is surely not a popular decision among Congress. It includes the Libyan crisis and the most recent, Syrian government support of the United States government.
All in all, the unitary executive theory has proved itself to be more detrimental rather than being constructive in the course of United States history. However, in extreme circumstances, it provides swift decision making from the Presidential office.

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