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How Minority Groups Respond to Challenges to Their Identity

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How Minority Groups Respond to Challenges to Their Identity

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How Minority Groups Respond to Challenges of Identity
Minority groups respond to their fears of the status by establishing a tight state control in a race approach. That is because their situation gets threatened. An example is the intensifying of the immigration guidelines in the United States that get aimed to the Mexican population. Also, the European countries have paid the focus on the Muslim community and are driven currently by the Islamic extremists such as the attacks that happened in the palace (Drew et al.). They also respond to the changing archetypes that threaten the potential to alter the minority groups of their demographics. An example is the 1930 emergence in the United States that rested on the whites. Another example is the nations such as the Germany and Russia that have demonstrated that majority of their population perceive it as a rise in the number of foreigners relocating to these countries and shows their attitude against the foreigners (Drew et al.). The minority also have the anxiety over economic resources. They respond to that by defending for immigrant’s restriction. That is because they want to protect their jobs and the public assets that are limited to the locals. They tend to create minority markets when economic hardships happen. The minority also responds to their getting together. They achieve that by having more interactions and conversations that cement their understand…

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