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How Julia And Winston Are Complimentary Of Each Other

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How Julia And Winston Are Complimentary Of Each Other

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Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

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How Julia And Winston Are Complimentary Of Each Other
Julia and Winston are the primary characters in the novel nineteen eighty-four. The two have many differences regarding morals and beliefs. However, there are also some instances where they agree. Their differences and similarities to some extent help them to live. Each one can make up for what the other one lacks. The two are complete aliens when they meet. But after some time, love develops, and this is in spite of their differences. They use them as complementary tools. The writer seeks to inform the readers about how people don’t have to allude to the same school of thought to augur well. This shows that people can, after all, be one even when they have a diversity of beliefs and principles.
Both Julia and Winston hate the Party but for a different reason. Julia is a person who loves having fun. In fact, she is portrayed as one who is sexually immoral due to her sexual attachments with many Party members (Orwell 162). It is for this reason that she hates the Party. She feels that the Party to some extent threatens her space to engage in things that she considers to be fun but they are not allowed by the Party. She doesn’t have a problem with the party when it doesn’t limit her space to engage in her likings. However, Winston loathes the Party for different reasons. He feels that the Party doesn’t live up to its billing of good will to people. …

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