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How Information Technology (IT) impacts my career in Marketing

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How Information Technology (IT) impacts my career in Marketing

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How Information Technology (IT) Impacts my career in Marketing
How Information Technology (IT) impacts my career in Marketing
Marketing is of fundamental importance to any organization whose aim is profit maximization; this is because, through marketing, the organization can increase its sales subsequently higher profits are earned. In this era of globalization, where competition is more intense than never before and more new market globally, Information technology is used as a fundamental tool in the market. For any company to attain competitive edge, it must employ all aspect of information technology in the marketing of its products and services to potential customers and existing ones.
Marketers now use information technology to pass timely and accurate information to the potential customers. Marketers are therefore required to have adequate information technology skills that will enable them to expand company’s market through getting messages to the potential customers in a more appealing way that ultimately will influence their purchasing decision and prefer their commodity or service to the other.
Information technology simply acts as a media of communication between the marketer and the potential customers, it provides a mechanism in which feedback can be collected by the marketer, and this also helps in making an relevant informed decision due to the availability of timely information from the customers and potential custom…

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