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How genetic engineering can positively impact the health of future generations

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How Genetic Engineering Can Positively Impact the Health of Future Generations
Genetic engineering is one of the most advanced technologies in recent history. It is the intentional manipulation of genes of an organism through the use of biotechnology with the purpose of producing improved organisms. Scientists have been actively working towards enabling the efficient and accurate manipulation of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Genetic engineering has the potential to enhance the lives of people. One of the positive impacts the technology could have on the health of future generations is curing diseases that were previously incurable such as cancer. Also, genetic engineering can be used to eliminate congenital disabilities before the child is born (Daniell et al. 134). Furthermore, the technology could be adapted to cure hereditary diseases and prevent them from being inherited by the future generations. In agriculture, the technology can be used to modify plants and animals to ensure higher productivity and better quality foods (Hu and Lizhong 726).
The application of genetic engineering in the fight against incurable diseases implies that people will be able to maintain their lifestyles without the fear of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or cancer. It can improve the health of people in society immensely compared to today. Genetic engineering has already found application in the fight against problems like cysti…

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