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How does retirement and work in old age differs between men and women?

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How Does Retirement And Work In Old Age Differ Between Men And Women?
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Pisarev A. states that research has proven that the problem of the most human capital of older people is due to the current conditions that have taken advantage of the available educational and professional potential. The age and sex structures in employment have matched on with the population portions. The majority of retired people who are still in their current jobs are those whose pensions seem not contracted for longer periods. As for other individuals the continuation of employment among the elderly is due to their previous types of jobs and education levels although the two factors are not easily relatable. Gender wise women are lowly populated in the employment industry because their distribution in the physically inclined labor is lower than mentally inclined labor occupations that require medium levels of qualifications. Further on, women are identified with larger proportions in unqualified labor occupations.
Moreover, workers who formerly worked in state enterprises in higher levels of occupations were more likely to quit once they reached their retirement ages. Their continuation of work means that they are working in state enterprises after their pensions. In dynamics of the type of employment, a considerable portion of workers with higher qualifications and going on pension, do not…

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