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How does passion play a part in success

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How does passion play a part in success

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How Passion Play a Part in SuccessPassion refers to the strong interest in pursuing a certain objective such as a hobby or a specific activity (Vallerand, 7). In the modern day world, many successful people have pinpointed towards success as the most powerful attribute that can drive a person towards success. Many people, especially the youths within our societies have asked whether being passionate in life can bring success to a person. In most inspirational forums that have occurred recently, many people have asked about the secrets of being successful in life. However, most speakers have always provided one common answer, “Love your work.” This shows how passion is truly a great factor that has led to the success of great people such as Steve Jobs at Apple, Larry page at Google and many other successful people that exist in the world. With such a high number of people attributing their success on their passion, it is correct to say that passion is such a great force, which can unleash creativity in an individual because if a person is passionate about something, then he or she will be more willing to take risks. This paper is going to discuss the roles in which the concept of passion creates an impact on the lives of people.
Most people around the world assume that success is defined by being wealthy and having lots of fame. However, this is not true, since success is not just about wealth, but an achievement that one gets from something he or she desires. The success of a person is dependent on the purity of the desire, which reaches his or her subconscious mind (Gladwell, 43). A truly successful man is one who is happy about what he has achieved in his career, rather than the wealth he has gathered over those years. Although money is the most reasonable goal in pursuing a given task, one has to be truly passionate about what he or she does to count his success (Gladwell, 58). Warren Buffet, one of the greatest investors of all time points out that one has to know the correct definition of success for the person to succeed.
It is evident that a person who has passion in what he or she is pursuing typically exudes confidence in themselves, and as a result, the high confidence levels creates value for themselves and those around them by leading the way, rather than showing the way (Vallerand, 26). Confident professionals are usually great leaders, and they earn the confidence of others and their respect. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Company, states that a person that has passion in himself can change the world. Due to his confidence in himself, he leads the Apple Company into being among the biggest technological Company in the entire world. To him, Apple is not just a company producing products that help people do their work, but rather a company that believes in changing the world for the better. A person should love what he or she does since this is the only way of producing the best results. A confident person always loves what he does, and this drives such a person to great achievement in the later stage. Great athletes have always provided the best example regarding confidence. The passion of pursuing a given sporting activity drives one to go to the furthest extents to succeed. They always possess high confidence levels that enable them to shine at the great world competitions. Passion drives an individual to learn more, to develop better skills and improve his game or developer a better system than the available system (Julian, 39).
Passion creates excitement, which is something that can be shared among people and it creates organized values, rather than causing disarray (Vallerand, 32). A person who is full of excitement creates enthusiasm in his or her team and with others, and is highly seen as a great supporter. When an individual follows his or her passion in pursuing something, he or she is most likely to overcome certain setbacks that are on the way and build a resistance against those individuals that doubt his or her vision. A successful entrepreneur is always passionate about the mission he or she has rather than the product being sold (Gladwell, 62). The excitement created in pursuing the mission of the business drives one to keep going ahead even if the results are not good at the initial moment. A person who is excited about something will immerse himself in the field to perform that particular task of watch another person doing the same thing. A person finds it more exciting to work on a particular task that he or she is more passionate about it (Julian, 47). Working in such a mood enables one to produce great results at the end.
Passion is also seen to be contagious. When a passionate individual is in charge of a given group of people, he tends to make those around him or her feel excited hence making them work together for the success of the team (Vallerand, 33). It is easier for a person who exudes passion to create group dynamics and value in a team, rather than dissension. As a professional, being passionate help in maximizing the energy of the team and as a result, one is viewed to be a great mentor for other people. People tend to enjoy working with a passionate Organization manager since he or she creates an enjoyable workplace environment that his or her colleagues look forward to coming in to work every day and be part of the Company’s vision (Julian, 81). For example, Steve Jobs did not have much passion about computer hardware, but rather passionate about building the tools that were able to help other people to unleash their personal creativity to make a change within the world.
Ultimately, true success is not just being in possession of too much wealth and fame to people. True success comes when a person who loves and enjoys the entire work in his career achieves all his or her set goals. When one changes how he looks at his job, he is likely destined for success, since his set goals are likely to be achieved. A person who enjoys doing his or her work is likely to perform his or her duties very well and get paid highly for the great work done (Julian, 105). It is clearly evident that success and passion go hand-in-hand. In this case, people should strive to do whatever they enjoy most to gain success.

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