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How does law function as a theme in Antigone by Sophacles? What different kinds of law are presented in the play? How do the characters approach these different kinds of law?

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Date:The roles of Law in Antigone
Kinds of law in Antigone
Law controls the society, but the same law can only exist when the society exists. Therefore, the main question as to whether the law is superior to the society or the society is superior to the law is very important in the Oedipus the Kingdom, as illustrated in the play “Antigone” by Sophocles. The play presents a tragic and a dramatic end where the rule of law influences the course of people’s lives in the kingdom. There are two types of laws however in the play, the divine law and the Human law. The divine law is enshrined by the gods of the land and is meant to be a superior way of controlling people behaviour in the kingdom (Sophocles and Blondell 76). They ordain kings through which they provide control. However, the Kings also have their laws, which they believe should be followed since they are ordained by the gods. When a conflict arises between human law and the divine law, tragic drama ensues.
Set in the rich Greek culture, where cultural and divine revelations are very important, and the gods of the land set up laws that should be followed by the people. The gods communicate their laws through overseers but acts the laws through their appointed kings. Kingship in the kingdom is monarch based, and the prince is supposed to take over the reign of his father’s kingdom. In the absence of the prince, the nearest male heir in the family lineage takes over the kinship. The…

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