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How did the outcome of the Mexican American War intensify intersectional conflict?

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How did the outcome of the Mexican-American War intensify intersectional conflict?
In 1845, the Unites States took in Texas to the Union, the Mexican government was in such turbulence that their new leader was not able to meet with the American government. They were even unable to negotiate concessions as they were too weak at that period. Both the Mexicans and Americans awaited the outbreak of violence. In 1846, the then president, James Polk, received information that the Mexicans had ambushed two of General Taylor’s companies situated along the Rio Grande. The president immediately commanded that the Congress should set aside funds for war, stating that the Mexicans had instituted a full-blown war. Reluctantly, the House agreed, and the Mexican-American war began.
The Mexican American war lasted about one a half years. The war raged throughout New Mexico, California, and Texas. Mexican’s resistance was adamant and had the advantage of greater manpower than their opponent. However, this benefit proved futile as the United States had an easy victory because of superior leadership and artillery. Following the victory by the US, a treaty was signed in 1848, called the treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo. The treaty completed US claims to the land and in return, the US government simulated all the monetary claims against the Mexican government of the American citizens. US paid Mexico $15 million.
Despite the fact that patriotism arouses duri…

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