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How did the French Revolution affect the roles of women in society?

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How did the French Revolution affect the roles of women in society?

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: History

Level: Academic

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Words: 1100

Effect of the French Revolution on the Role of Women in a Society
The French Revolution affected the roles of women in society in several ways. The revolution marked a time of change for the majority of people in France. During the revolution, most women were forced to participate in various activities that were geared at compelling the government of France to provide for its citizens. Some of the activities in which women participated include joining other protesting citizens over high food prices, forming and joining of human rights clubs and societies. Before this period, women entirely depended on their men counterparts since they were considered passive citizens, and they had no say in public or private affairs. Harsh economic conditions during these periods due to bad harvests and high taxes imposed by the government subjected revolutionary women to more suffering. The women who joined the French Revolution resolved to join hands with fellow citizens in fighting for rights such as democratic rights but all these attempts made by women were hindered by revolutionary leaders (Hunt, Martin, and Rosenwein).

Providing Family Basic Needs

The harsh economic conditions were the major reason that pushed the French women to come out and speak about their poor living conditions. For instance, poor harvest led to food shortages that in turn led to high costs of living. Women struggle to provide and protect their children by engaging in bread riots. As the prices of grains rose, w…

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