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How and why academic discourse differ from more popular discourse

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How and why academic discourse differs from more popular discourse
Analysis of science accommodation develops an insight of different kind of writing between the mass media report and the scientific report on the scientific findings. However, the mass media report is normally generated from the scientific report whereby the scientific findings are reported in the mass media using a more simplified language compared to the one used in the scientific report. On the other hand, this paper will develop an insight of the writing and thinking concepts used in analyzing the differences between the mass media report and the scientific report based on a scientific finding topic on autism. However, the concept of analyzing science accommodation enacts ability to understand different writing and thinking values.
The initial observation on the analysis between the mass media report and the scientific report on the genetic mutation of the autism, I identified that, both reports are different in the sense that, mass media report appears to be lengthy with a clear language which is comprehensive to a non-specialist person while the scientific report appears to be short with a complicated language that can be comprehended by a specialist in that field, perhaps only a little English words are comprehensive. However, in a further context of identifying the difference between the two reports, writing is a factor that shou…

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