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Housing first program

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Housing First Program
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Social Policy Analysis questions
1. The formal name of the social policy and what is its official purpose
The proposed policy is Housing First, which is a policy solution aimed at offering the homeless with fast solutions to their problem and offering the services they need. The policy provides permanent, affordable housing to families and individuals suffering from homelessness (National Alliance to End Homelessness, 2014). This policy approach differs from other related strategies in its primary and immediate emphasis on providing accessible and sustainable housing solution.
2. A historical context, explaining the introduction of the social policy.
Conventionally, most of the providers of housing to the homeless made it a necessity to show evidence of “housing readiness.” Some of the requirements were to enter treatment or to achieve sobriety before offering permanent housing. To address this problem, the Housing First program needs to provide permanent supportive housing. Being different and separate program from “rapid re-housing”, it is a relatively new invention in social policy and human service programs. Being an innovation, this program has not undergone major changes. However, it spanned off from past programs to provide housing to the homeless. It developed as a substitute to emergency shelter/transitional housing progressions system. Major changes in policy have led to the actual implem…

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