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Effects and Causes of Homesickness
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10 June 2015

Home is a place where we are accustomed of being around. The environment, the acquaintances and the methodology of living get rooted into our blood as those things are being witnessed by us every day since we have gained conscious. The relationship between home and the being of a human is so intrinsic that it affects heavily when a gap is developed in between (Herbeck and Monroe, 1992). It is called homesickness. It has the potential to severely damage a person psychologically. Moreover, it dodges the adjustment mechanism of a person to live in another place away from home. The effects of homesickness are apparently emotional but it leaves impact on health as well. According to Thurber and Walton (2007), when a person either go through or anticipate a separation from home or objects of homely atmosphere such as parents or friends, this emotional instability causes functional impairment in the mind and distress. People having homesickness feel depression, nervousness and anxiety and most of the time remain preoccupied with the thoughts related to home.
This essay will account some important effects of homesickness and their causes. When at home, people sometimes deliberately look for a seasonal or environmental change but they cannot bear that change for a long time because of their calling of their roots. Students leave their home for studies, people often compelled to stay another pla…

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