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Homeland Security Exploration

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Homeland Security Exploration

Category: Profile Essay

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Level: High School

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Homeland Security Exploration
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Homeland Security Exploration
The world is structured in a manner that there are always dualistic opposing views among people from different backgrounds, race, culture, and religion. According to articles by Alexander (2018), “L’eau Est La Vie Camp” (2018) and “Common Dreams” (2018), extremism surfaces from the fact that some people are insecure about their existence defined by the personalities and beliefs. All the extremists and terrorists inclusive of racists, conspiracy theorists, and dogmatic atheists share common features based on their statements and comments on issues that affect them. First, their statements reflect unquestioned certainty about their views. Silke (2014), Bouchard, Joffres & Frank (2014), Lake (2002) and Scarcella, Page & Furtado (2016) claim that extremists find their opinions on issues entirely valid and are always ready to defend it at all costs. It is evident from the statements given by the terrorist and extremists that their comments come for the fact that they are afraid that showing any form of doubt in their opinions will result to loss of self-identity hence the reason being their existence (Von Behr, 2013). According to Lentini (2013) and Canetti-Nisim et al. (2009), people who are secure with their permanence are hardly extremists. Secondly, extremists and terrorist statements are meant to demonize anyone who disagrees with their opinions. The statements a…

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