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HIV/Aids to third grade students including a science or math subject

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HIV/Aids to third grade students including a science or math subject

Category: Book Review

Subcategory: Education

Level: College

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Words: 550

Educating About HIV/AIDS Using a Science Subject
Student’s Name
College’s Name
LessonPlan Template

Name: SchoolName: Grade Level:
Subject/Content: Date Lessonis Taught:
Standard(s):Using the PA core Standards, we will implement a social model of teaching about the disease, and by using the Science standard 3.1A in order for the kids to gather data and get acknowledged about the cells
Relevancy:We do not intend to create an image of fear about the disease but raise the curiosity of the students about it by showing them the history and the causes of it.
3. Assessment
Objectives(s)Assessment ToolMastery Level,PerformanceLevel, or Criteria
1)Thestudentwill learn about HIV/AIDS
2) Watch cartoon episode about the human body 1) Observation Notes
2) Worksheet 1) The student understands the disease and how it is transmitted
2) Complete it with the correct information
Use word lists to clarify the unknown words
Watching the Magic School Bus episode “The Human Body”
Word list created by each student
T.V. or a Video Beam System
Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body Worksheet
Magic School Bus Episode 3 (Inside Ralphie) (YouTube)

*Imbed and BOLD transitionsthroughoutthissection ofyourlesson. Ifpossible,remember toconnectthe transitionto thelesson inorder tostimulatestudent interest.
Introduction:(5 Minutes): Presentation of the lesson, and what it is going to be done in the class that day.
Procedures:(80 Minutes): Brief lesson on the human body, presentation of the cartoon and filling and handing the worksheet
Closure:(5) Minutes: Reflect on the results and on how learning can be fun.
Accommodations:The only accommodation we can think of regarding this lesson is if we had a deaf student. But we consider that the teacher and the whole class could help to clarify the subject. This could help the students in reinforcing the subject
Extensions:For early finishers we have a discussion activity prepared on which we intend to ask them if the believe or not that what happened in the show could be true, and to argument their answer
Modifications: In this case, we consider that our lesson seems fit for all the prospective learners. Without a specific classroom in mind, we would not be able to tailor it to specific needs.
7.AnalysisofStudentLearning-tobecompleted AFTER lessonistaught
(Refer to specificquestionsnoted on Lesson Plan Components)

In this assessment, we discovered that the students can be motivated if we show them something they can understand. In the same way, we saw that most of the students were pretty happy with the lesson, and after reviewing the worksheets, the students learned what we intended to teach. From a scale of 1 to 10, we can say that we obtained an 8 in terms of efficiency. However, we consider that the cell system would have to re-taught, as some students did not grasp it accordingly.
8.Reflection–tobecompleted AFTER lessonistaught(refer to specificquestionsnoted on LessonPlanComponents)

We learned that we can use non-conventional methods such as cartoons in order to convey a serious subject. We consider that while doing this every student felt part of the lesson and implicated. Regarding the strategies, our instructional strategies were used accordingly, in the same way, our strategies seemed to be more useful than the traditional strategies. We realized that using that kind of strategies makes us feel more comfortable toward teaching.

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