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HIV/Aids to third grade students including a science or math subject

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HIV/Aids to third grade students including a science or math subject

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Subcategory: Education

Level: College

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Educating About HIV/AIDS Using a Science Subject
Student’s Name
College’s Name
LessonPlan Template

Name: SchoolName: Grade Level:
Subject/Content: Date Lessonis Taught:
Standard(s):Using the PA core Standards, we will implement a social model of teaching about the disease, and by using the Science standard 3.1A in order for the kids to gather data and get acknowledged about the cells
Relevancy:We do not intend to create an image of fear about the disease but raise the curiosity of the students about it by showing them the history and the causes of it.
3. Assessment
Objectives(s)Assessment ToolMastery Level,PerformanceLevel, or Criteria
1)Thestudentwill learn about HIV/AIDS
2) Watch cartoon episode about the human body 1) Observation Notes
2) Worksheet 1) The student understands the disease and how it is transmitted
2) Complete it with the correct information
Use word lists to clarify the unknown words
Watching the Magic School Bus episode “The Human Body”
Word list created by each student
T.V. or a Video Beam System
Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body Worksheet
Magic School Bus Episode 3 (Inside Ralphie) (YouTube)

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