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Hindus and/or Buddhists

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Hindus and/or Buddhists

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Challenges Facing Buddhism in America
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Challenges Facing Buddhism in America
The Buddhist people in America are considered to be a disorganized group since they do not have a specific Buddhist organization that may aid in following up the grievances that their people face. This has made this group to disagree more on certain issues than they agree on something. There is no specific organization that can represent the large group and have a single stand on a certain issues (Az403789.vo.msecnd.net, 2015).Buddhist in America has splintered in many different factions and groups, with each having its practices, teachings and organizational structure. On the other hand, the growing western influence in America has greatly influenced the growth of this religion. Those Buddhist children in the American schools tend to be ridiculed by their fellow students and other people outside as orthodox and traditional stereotypes while those following western cultures and values are considered as decent and progressive (Molloy, 2009).
Recently, the socially engaged Buddhist movements have come up in the United States and they are advocating for a revolutionary yet creative re-visioning of the old Buddhist approaches to the societal issues, and as the move gains popularity within the Buddhist people, it promises to pervade the American Buddhist environment (Molloy, 2009). Most of the Buddhist leaders have advocated for ecumenism within the American…

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