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Heroes and celebrities of popular culture

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Heroes and celebrities of popular culture

Category: Research Paper

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Heroes and Celebrities
Definition, similarities, and differences
Literature, both psychological and medical, provides various definitions for a hero and a celebrity. A hero is defined as a person ‘who already has and will produce objects, ideas and followers (which are of national and international importance), and whose achievements persist through time.’ CITATION Nor05 l 16393 (North, Bland, & Ellis, 2005) This criterion, of doing things that surpass time itself, and prove themselves to be of importance no matter what the era, seems to be the main factor that distinguishes a hero and a celebrity. A celebrity, thus, is defined as a person whose actions are of national and international importance, but whose achievements are forgotten after some time.
Over time, other researchers have added to this definition, or even defined certain parameters of it. Becker and Eagle said heroism consisted of pro-social behaviours in general. Thus, heroism would be defined as an act aimed at helping other people despite the fact that it puts the helper’s life in danger CITATION Bec04 n t l 16393 (2004).
There are, however, parameters that govern these definitions. Becker and Eagle’s study came to be due to their observation that people associated heroism more with masculinity than with femininity. They evaluated some high-risk tasks against low-risk ones (either having the same or equivalent levels of danger) and found th…

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