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Heaven Knows What

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Heaven Knows What

Category: Movie Review

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: Academic

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Heaven Knows What
“Heaven Knows What” is the latest film directed by Benny and Josh Safdie, who are celebrated filmmakers. It is a junkie chronicle that was released by Radius-TWC, on May 2015 in the United States; it runs for 1 hour 34 minutes. The characters in this movie are Arielle Holmes (Harley-the lead character), Necro (Skully), Pleskun Yuri (Tommy-a drug peddler), Hendricks Eleonore (Erica), Caleb Jones (Ilya), Benjamin Hampton (Antoine), Diana Singh (Diana) and Buddy Duress (Mike). Heaven Knows What is a distinct and a well thought out movie that accurately depicts what it means being a heroin addict, the challenges faced and how addict struggle to self-recognition (D’Angelo). The film is based on Arielle Holmes’ account that was unpublished and fictionalized at that time.
Thesis statement
Drug peddling and addiction is still a menace in the United States. Addiction severely affects both young and old by destroying their lives and leaves them helpless and homeless in the long run as experienced by Arielle Holmes, who is only nineteen years of age.
The saldfie brothers met Arielle Holmes while working on a different film project; they knew she had a story to tell. She relayed the story of her life, her dependency on heroine, her homelessness, the relationship she had with Ilya-an unscrupulous punk (Festival). Later, Holmes was commissioned by the saldies to put it in writings and then she got hired to…

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