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Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating

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Blame the eater, not the fast food
There is no doubt that America currently struggles with obesity. There are thousands of kids that are already obese by the time they are teenagers. Obesity is not the only health issue that is common among the American population. Cases of cardiovascular diseases have increased as well as diabetes. In fact, diabetes was mainly due to a genetic cause. However, currently, there are cases of diabetes developing at and older age. All these problems are mainly due to one thing; the change in eating habits.
There thousands of fast food outlets all over the country from countless brands. “Don’t blame the Eater” is an article written by David Zinczenko. He claims that he was an obese child because he used to eat two meals of fast foods a day. Zinczenko claims that it was the fast food companies to blame for his obesity, but is it? Should one not have the responsibility to make sure how many calories are in the foods that one eat? Besides, the calorie content is indicated. And if not, there has to be a way to find out, especially through the internet search.
The fast food companies should not be the ones to blame because it is the buyer who decides to eat the health hazard without paying close attention to their content. Zinczenko offers a valid argument though, that everywhere one looks, all he or she can see are the taco and burger brands, every side of town. Should anyone blame them? This is big business with a huge market. Perhaps if everyone decided to go for fruits and other healthy foods, there would be thousands of brands selling grapefruits and preparing salads. But it is not the case. Instead, people prefer the more tasty chicken with the dressing with excess unhealthy fats.
It seems like many Americans want the delicious fast food and not go the extra mile to take exercising classes and eat what does not have the delicious taste. It is unfortunate one cannot have it all. If one could have it all one would not have to wake early and go to work to pay the bills. Perhaps health also comes at the same cost. Forego the pleasure of the tasty taco and have a salad now and then. Besides, even Zinczenko besides being obese learnt how to live a healthy life after he went to college. This was a decision he made, and not the fast food companies.
If the fast food is to blame for the obese or the diabetic child, then one would say it is also their duty to make their customers exercise. Additionally there are other unhealthy foods not processed. Everyone knows that animal fats are unhealthy. They contain the kind of fats that are not good for health. Suppose one decides to buy raw meat from the nearest slaughterhouse and cook it. Who would one blame for eating the less healthy meal? Should one then blame the existence livestock? It all comes down to choice. Everyone has a choice, either to live a healthy life by eating healthy foods, or just decide to eat the calorie loaded fast food. It would not seem reasonable to put the blame on anyone else because one prefers the more tasty fast foods to the less enjoyable healthy foods.

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