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Healthcare ethics

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Healthcare ethics

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

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People with AIDS, are sometimes categorized under particular groups just like the gay, lesbians and transgender people. Medical ethics and the government, recommend impartial services by the health care institution for the public. A medical ethics committee advice can help determine the fate of practitioners who deny AIDS victims treatment. Despite the right to offer services in a safe environments, medical ethics invites medical professionals to take reasonable risks to save a life. Those physicians denying treatment to AIDS victims should be suspended from the organizational staff. Alternatively they can be asked by the medical board under which they offer services to change profession.
Confidentiality is an ethic and a right to be observed. Confidentiality requires that once a physician had realized a private health issue concerning the patient, they should keep it from an unauthorized third party. Publishing AIDS victim’s details could be violating patient’s confidentiality contrary to the medical ethics. Third parties like doctors who may perform a surgery may be informed, and the patient must have informed and express their consent. AIDS victims could be subjected to other health problems like a mental disorder, which include depression and paranoia due to stigma as a result of published details.
A minor is entitled to treatment or access to reproductive health services after a parental mandate. Most teenagers are sexually act…

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