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Health Law and Legislation- Please follow topic

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Health Law and Legislation- Please follow topic

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Health Law and Legislation
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Health Law and Legislation
The federal governments make decisions concerning which population is entitled to mandatory benefits from the services provided by the Medicaid and the population which falls under the optional category. Additionally, it states the benefits which must be covered compulsory and the ones which are optional (Price, & Eibner, 2013). The federal government is in a position to decide on how Medicaid provides benefits in various states. It may decide only to cover the mandatory benefits leaving out the optional benefits. Such creates serious issues since some individuals who could be having the same issues may have different experiences as they are entitled to separate eligibility and service programs in various states. The benefit with this is that both doctors and the patients have the freedom of choice. The doctor may choose places where they are comfortable working, and the patients can choose the doctors they want to receive care from.
In the United States, medical care is quite high, and the individuals are left in trouble due to non-uniform health care systems in the country. In US healthcare is a privilege to the rich people who can access the medical care. However, there are still some complications in eligibility criteria and confirmation of the income standards (Kongstvedt, 2012). Below are the benefits and drawbacks of having different healthcare programs in various stat…

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